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Terry Thomsen South Island tour guideThe Inside Story runs private guided tours in New Zealand.  The company is owned and operated by Terry Thomsen. Terry is a well acquainted with almost every corner of New Zealand.  Aside from his guiding at The Inside Story, Terry also acts as tour manager and guide on coach tours, including US college study tours in the South Island.   

Terry guides all over New Zealand (North Island and South Island), particularly the South Island which is where visitors tend to spend most of their time.  Read about the Private Guided South Island tours and North Island tours

Terry gets you to the most scenically striking and interesting locations in New Zealand.  Yet he also strongly believes that there is more to travel than just seeing the sights.  Some of the best mementos of your travels in New Zealand will be the stories and insights that you take home with you - whether they be about New Zealand nature, history, culture, current happenings or quirky tales about people and places.

For those visitors who would like to learn about New Zealand's natural world, Terry communicates the wonders of New Zealand's natural history at any level - to those with little knowledge of  plants and animals,  as well as to the serious enthusiast.  His deep all-round general knowledge of New Zealand's flora and fauna is supported by a Master of Science in botany, as well as studies and a life-long interest in conservation and environmental issues. 

There are plenty of insights that are there if you want them;  yet there is nothing dry about Terry’s engaging and often humorous telling of them.  And Terry has guided long enough to know that there are times when to not talk, so that his clients can enjoy peace and quiet in some of the most beautiful and serene locations on earth. 


Terry is a member of ProGuides, New Zealand’s professional guiding association. 


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